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The staff of La Siesta Salou Resort & Camping is always at your disposal so that you can always enjoy a perfect family vacation. We are with you and for you even before your arrival to make the whole process easier. Because an unforgettable vacation is the best memory you can have 🙂

This action is promoted and subsidized by the Public Employment Service of Catalonia and 100% financed by the European Social Fund as part of the European Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


To offer a quality tourism product targeting family customers, supporting a motivated professional team that is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations. All this in an environment of excellence and with a service vocation, promoting profitable, sustainable growth with a long-term vision that is respectful to society and the environment



Our conduct and work is coherent with our thoughts and aptitude: professionals at the service of customers. We treat people with dignity, respect and equality, promoting an open, positive attitude towards the integration of different cultures.


What we are and what we accomplish is the result of the interaction and collaboration among people who work to achieve a common goal: meeting the needs of our customers.

There are individual contributions to the team, but the final success is never the result of the “brilliance” of any one person.


We anticipate, invest in improvement and search for innovative, effective solutions that enable us to carry out our mission and make us a leader in our sector.


Our conduct and attitude must be respectful towards ourselves, our colleagues, our customers, our suppliers, society and the residents around us, contributing in an active, voluntary manner to social, economic and environmental improvement.




My name is Jahaciel Villaverde and I’m the director of La Siesta Salou Resort & Camping. Since I was small, I have always wanted to make people happy. At first it was my parents and grandparents and my friends, then my partner and my children and all my relatives…

I began my working life in the world of campsites and from that moment on I have never doubted that was what I wanted for a career. I used to love it when I could win over the guests I attended to with a smile.

My dedication and commitment grew year after year. But over time, I began to change and what had been a concern for the happiness of others became a PASSION for ensuring that the guests of La Siesta Salou have a perfect holiday.

To achieve this purpose, the first and most important thing is a team of professionals who are participants in this feeling; That they understand that each one of you is the most important thing and that they understand that we are here so that your effort and enthusiasm are always satisfied.

It is a pride and a pleasure to introduce theLa Siesta Salou Team, with whom you will always feel welcome.



I’ve always worked in hostelry, but it’s only been since I worked in here at La Siesta Salou that I’ve been able to apply something that I’ve always had inside me: a love of personal service; that concern for all the small and big problems you can have when you’re on holiday; that interest for a job well done and a desire for everything to go well the first time. In other words “ask Noelia”.

So I hope that if you already know us, you’ve been able to feel this, and if you’re coming for the first time, you’ll find it out for yourselves.

Another aspect that concerns me is continuous improvement, and for that, we need you. Your comments and suggestions will be very important, so please do not hesitate to send them to us.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you. We’ll welcome you with our biggest smile and with everything perfectly prepared for your arrival.

Food & Beverage


Welcoming each of you, year after year, is the most important thing for those of us who work in the Food and Beverage Department.

We love showing you everything we’ve put so much effort into preparing for you during the winter and we hope you enjoy it too.

For those of you we’ve known for years, we love to hear your anecdotes, whether they’re from this year or others, or something that’s happened during the winter. It’s like a family get-together! And for those we haven’t met yet, I’m sure we’ll have a good time together. You’ll soon notice that “feeling” that makes both you and us happy.

We love taking care of you, offering you a refreshing drink when the sun beats down with all its strength, feeding you when you’re low on energy and having fun with a good mojito when it’s time for dancing.

But what we like most is to SEE YOU HAPPY!

Compras y Logística


Buying for yourself is not the same as buying for a big company, where the most important thing is the happiness of the people who visit us.

What would you like to do on your holidays?

Share them with your loved ones, learn to ride a bike without stabilisers, meet your first summer love, make new friends (and get together with those of a lifetime), keep going down the water slide non-stop, enjoy the pleasure of switching your mobile phone off, eat an ice cream or two, and thousands of other things… and thousands of other things…

If you can manage all that, then I’ll take care of the rest!

Thank you very much for choosing us.



Lighting – ¡OK!
Electrical installation – ¡OK!
Sanitation network – ¡OK!
Plumbing network – ¡OK!
DHW production – On the move!
Air conditioning – At the perfect temperature.
Great, everything is ready to welcome you all.

It is of vital importance to our department that all our facilities are in perfect condition on arrival and during your stay. For me, working at La Siesta has helped me to grow personally and professionally by feeling that sense of satisfaction when I see customers enjoying their holidays to the full.

The gratitude that a happy customer gives you for solving any kind of breakdown in your accommodation, for example, motivates us day after day to continue offering a fast and quality service for everyone.

The entire maintenance team thanks you for choosing us.



Making your holiday unforgettable is our job and our challenge every year. We take care of creating activities for children and adults, always betting on innovation to surprise you. We connect with our clients to always know their tastesand the latest trends in order to satisfy their recreational and leisure needs, achieving unique experiences and memories.

Our animation formula combines entertainment and values, which not only makes you have a great time, but also creates a bond between you and our animation team.

Our objective? See each other every year and share unique moments together!

Administración y RRHH


DS = Department Staff
E = Efficiency
A= Accounting
P3= Papers, papers and more papers
PF= Professionalism
In the Administration Department we solve everything with the magic formula:
(DS + A + P3) * (E + PF) = YOUR HAPPINESS

Marketing y Comunicación


Since I’ve been working at La Siesta Salou, my big challenge has been to make you feel like you’re spending your holidays with one big happy family: Enjoy yourselves, relax, have fun, take a two-hour siesta, read that book you haven’t had time to look at all winter, listen to the children laughing, dancing, playing games, the band, taking a dip, eating a super-delicious paella and never-ending moments and situations.

So, as a picture is worth a thousand words, you will find Alba, Andrea and me behind the social networks of the resort, and of course, behind our website lasiestasalou.com . Don’t forget to FOLLOW US so you won’t miss ANYTHING.

Always thinking of your joy, Alba, Andrea and I wish you the best holidays, and that you continue to enjoy great moments with us.

Work with us

If you are passionate, active, a people person and you love to learn, this is your place. Send us your resumé to one of the following addresses: